Retained Executive Search Candidate Information For Executives Contemplating a Career Transition

An independent boutique search firm, we accept no more than a handful of assignments at a time to ensure superior service on every search. If your background is a fit for any of our current, active assignments, please reference the position title in the subject line when forwarding your resume.

For consideration with respect to other opportunities (e.g. current assignments which may be confidential, or future assignments), please feel free to email your resume -- in complete confidence -- with a cover note indicating current/recent compensation and any geographic preferences or restrictions. While we cannot individually acknowledge resumes submitted, we will not present your credentials to a prospective employer without your explicit prior agreement.

Confidential resumes are stored on a secure data base, every single word is searchable.

Over the years, we have compiled an ongoing list of Executive Resources to assist executives in transition, including our time tested interviewing tips, job search best practices and salary negotiation advice. Many of our executive and professional / management level candidates have told us that these resources have been very helpful to them while making decisions about changing jobs -- or careers.

How we work: Because we believe it would be an inherent conflict of interest, the Boland Group does not accept any payment of any kind from candidates, nor do we pro-actively "represent" a candidate in the market. As much as we would enjoy serving as a ‘talent agent’ for a super-star, it is our conviction that we can not ethically serve the interests of a client (employer) if we have a financial interest in a particular candidate (job seeker). Objectivity is key to excellent search work: it is important to us that we remain truly independent of any obligations or relationships outside those already in place with any given client.

What does this mean to you? It means we do not pro-actively represent candidates in the market. Because we “pull” talent in response to a very specific request of a client, we do not “push” any given candidate. To ensure focus on quality, we only conduct five to seven active searches at any given time for no more than three to five clients. This means that it is unlikely that -- at any given point in time -- we will be working on a search that is a perfect fit for your qualifications and experience. Because of this, The Boland Group also invests significantly by staying active in several professional industry associations for networking purposes. We have come to know some outstanding search professionals to whom we can turn for both assistance on a search and to help out a candidate. This enables us to give execs who approach us visibility into many more opportunities, than we would otherwise be in a position to provide.

The Internet is both a Blessing and a curse: The ubiquity of the Internet and ability to blanket search firms with resumes via email is a double-edged sword. As a professional courtesy, we make every effort to respond personally to as many of candidates whose background and experience correlate with our own, and be as helpful as we can. The reality is, however, that we can't be sure we are promptly responding to those we "can help", or investing time in assisting those we "can't help". In addition to resumes from executives who work in our space, coupled with others who are directly referred to us, we still receive hundreds of unsolicited resumes very week. The sheer volume is such that we could not possibly respond to every one who contacts us.

The path we've chosen, at least for now... The same technology that threatens to overwhelm us with unsolicited resumes, also offers some relief. Almost every resume we receive is added to our 100% word searchable data base. If the cover letter includes your compensation history (or minimum salary requirements) and geographic preferences (or restrictions), you can be 99% sure that we will identify that profile -- virtually immediately -- when we have an opportunity that is a potential fit. (The other 1% are deleted because the text in the subject line (or lack thereof) is such that they end up in junk mail or prudence dictates that they be deleted without opening.)

There are many recruiters who do feel comfortable 'working both sides' of the employment equation. Some of these are quite effective in developing relationships on both ends and specialize in pro-actively marketing a 'star' candidate. They are often very successful in presenting a "high potential" candidate to a current client or a prospect, with whom there may not even be a specific search agreement in place. This is typically done on a ‘contingent fee’ basis, and it is important that you -- as a candidate -- always request of any recruiter to whom you give your resume -- that they agree up fron to obtain your explicit permission -- in advance -- before your credentials are presented to a particular client.

Again, hopefully you'll find something of immediate value to you in our list of Executive Resources. If you have sent us your resume, we hope to have reason to contact you about an opportunity very, very soon. One thing is sure. It's time for a "candidate" market again! All the best to you and yours...